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Réplica [Loneliness+Civilization]® -”Brian Eno, My Bloody Valentine....Be Aware! They are Mexico's best kept secret!”- Camilo Lara [MIS Mexican Institute of Sound] Following to their debut EP that included a collaboration with English band Client and an instrumental track also released on DJ Hell’s own label Deejay Gigolos, Réplica releases their first full length album, a polished and well constructed collection of tracks that bring new life to the term “Concept album”. Based on the contradictions of everyday life as the main source for inspiration, the result is an introspective trip full of opposite emotions and moods. Loneliness+Civilization defies definition with a refreshing blend of electronica, ambient experiments and rock music that even includes the use of a Theremin. With a heavy influence on Krautrock sounds that somehow found a link to straight forward synth-pop on one side to elaborate and evocative atmospheres that contrast with a series of noisy interludes of electronic glitches. Although there are some songs that resemble a traditional radio singles like Time or Fate, this is an album that has to be explored in full to complete the experience. Yes it’s true that Réplica owes their sound to a lot of classic bands, but at least you can’t deny that they are worthy bearers for the torch of such valuable influences.
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